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a lot of nothing


July 2023


Los Angeles

Recently, friends and I got together to put together a photoshoot titled “a lot of nothing.” The centerpiece of the shoot was designed by Jasmin Young, who reworked a Realtree camouflage top by reshaping the typically utilitarian garment by adorning the neckline with white lace. The rest of the outfit consisted of clothing most commonly seen on conservative Americans in the south: Oakley sunglasses, denim pants, and a purse covered in crosses. In the last year, realtree has become a mainstay in the closets of young people involved in the art and music scene in Los Angeles. The low cost and accessible nature of these garments made them desirable among young artists not trying to break the bank. With the rise of ironic fashion, young people have taken to wearing the items and patterns once considered uncool because of their link to conservatism. Items like realtree have taken on a second life in their semi ironic inclusion in the wardrobes of those involved in the creative scene. Putting Oliver in Oakley sunglasses, Jasmin’s realtree shirt, and then adorning them with pearls, six inch heels and the gaudy purse was an act of subversion, a reinterpretation of clothing worn by our ideological opposites. Every single piece worn by Oliver in the photoshoot was sourced second hand, as sustainability is massively important to myself and everyone involved in the shoot, as styling so often works to reinforce seasonal trends not lasting for more than several months at a time. Using vintage pieces allowed us to breathe new life into clothing that otherwise would have ended up in a dumpster.

Styling by Jasmin Young and Liam Kenney
Shot by Jasmin Young and Liam Kenney

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